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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

21/ 08/ 2012 Horse Riding Day

Hello readers,
an irresponsibility blogger are back! :/
I've been forgot my blog for a long time.

Well, let's start the topic now :) 
I went for horse riding with Scarlett last afternoon, 
my very first time and it is a really good experience :D
but it was so expensive for me, 25euro for per ride in an hour.
hmmm... but is not too bad for a try in life for once! haha

we took bus to the house riding centre,
the bus ticket was so expensive as well, 5euro for once.
make me spend so much on this one day trip T^T

Let the picture speak now,
My partner, Scarlett
It tooks about half an hour to reached the bus stop, and the owner of horse centre will fetch us in.
I'm fed up of waiting, its so cold when the strong wind blows, and make me feel tired :/

Love this, crunchie.
can't be found in Malaysia right? :L
aha, ignore the ugly face :/
I really love the clouds here, feel so comfortable when you  look on it.
Tired of waiting the owner :(
At 2:45pm finally he is here!!

At the first, I was trying to give up and not to join them.
well, you know I'm so "smart" wearing hot pants to there :/
and and the horse make me feel scare... 
but at the last, I joined.
I don't want to wait all of them to came back in the horse centre for an hour with the stink smell :L

My black horse with me. P/S: I look so short beside him :/
So sad, i forgot what's his name.

Me and Scarlett
It's so obviously like people are riding the big horse and both of us are with pony :/
pony is for the beginner like us ^^V

After all the pictures, we started our riding journey for an hour. 
we have 5 person in a group and with a leader.
and actually they are nothing special at all, all the way we can saw is just only grass and flower ==
or small jungle? :/ emmmm~

does it seems like fairy tale? haha 

Cliff of mohers is so far far far away from us.

LOL chubby face /.\
By the way, I'm a really quick learner *that admit by myself :/ haha
because I can control my horse really well hehehehe :D
and he is so gentle as well
so I've not problem at all with him.

Yup after an hour, we back to the horse centre again.
pony vs shorty HAHAHA!
my baby horse.
me with Scarlett's horse 
My mum said he looks like you,
with short leg and short arm :/
Scarlett with her horse.
When everything is settle down,
Rebecca, the worker of horse centre bring us out to the bus stop again.
and the time we feel cold and hungry :/
We went to the bar for a quick meal.

Smoked salmon & baby potatoes *yum yum
At 5:45pm the bus was here,
quick rush to the bus and heading back.
I miss my bed so much on that time :(
B&B hotel

I've a nap in the bus, after 45mins we reached Lahinch finally :)
well, this is what I got from the riding today for wearing short pants :(
the rein friction when my every movement, it really makes me feel uncomfortable and pain :(

and this is what happen to my right left, kind of blue black now :(
my left leg, is fine now, but still small bit sore :/

But it's okay, I have a really good try and experience gained :)
That's it for my day.
Stay tune i'll be updated more soon for coming reopen school day xoxo

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